1973 Sportster Rigid Bobber Motorcycle

This little jewell was sent to me and it is a simple bobber motorcycle. This is a 1973 Harley Davidson Sportster that is a rigid bobber project. I like the look of the custom laced rims 21 front 19 rear. This is a great starter bobber motorcycle for anyone. Keep in mind your local and state laws to make sure that your bobber conforms to all local laws for safety and all that jazz. I like that most of the bike is what it is supposed to be – stripped down and clean. I really like the thin whitewall on … Continue reading

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1998 EVO S&S Bobber Motorcycle

This is a sleek bobber that will turn a few heads I am sure. I this is bobber bike has a lot of value to it for anyone that rides it. I see this bike as a good weekender bobber that you can take a trip to get away on. I am really in love with this bobber. Check out the photos below as we have a bunch of them for you to look over. I think the LED head light and the recessed lights on the frame add a really nice touch. Love to see this bike at night … Continue reading

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S&S 1996 Bobber Motorcycle From Brotherhood Motorcycle Shop

Built at Brotherhood Motorcycle Shop this bobber has a 250 rear tire. A sleek and sexy S&S 96” evolution motor. So let’s get down to business on this bobber. It is longer with that springer front end. Needless to say though it is a high quality bike. As we look at the paint and the bright work we can see there are some nice accents. The attention to detail is high.   Some of the specs: Andrews 5 speed transmission Ultima 2” open belt transmission Custom made seat with chopper shocks Sold brass lights all around. Heavy gold flake candy paint accents on … Continue reading

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Traditional Springer Bobber Motorcycle

What a great looking bobber motorcycle. This is for tooling around the track, think of it like a souped up pit bike.   This motorcycle is out of Indonesia made by a company called Darizt Design and I think they did a hell of a great job. The front end is super sexy for a bobber motorcycle. I love how fat the tires look. If you check out the way they integrated the rear swing arm and the saddle I have to give them credit. I do not think I would have ever have mounted it like that. The tank has … Continue reading

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