1946 Harley-Davidson WL Bobber Motorcycle

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This bobber motorcycle is the civillian WL model made into bobber years ago. In the last two years it has had brand new cylinders installed, pistons, rings, valves, valve seats, guides, valves springs, rebuilt oil pump, rebuilt Linkert by Mike Millay, upgraded new generator, regulator was upgraded to 12 volts. This bobber Motorcycle uses no battery. Magneto rebuilt American Standard Chicago also single fire Fairbanks Morris wires with diodes. New 21 inch front wheel with brake JP cycle. Rear has disc brake conversion. Three speed transmission has cock roach suicide shifter knob.

1946 Harley-Davidson WL Bobber Motorcycle

Motor has crank cases chrome plated as well as transmission main body. Seat is a Corbin solo. Oil tank aluminum. Paint was done by Troy body shop in Seffner Florida. Color orange pearl. Motor also has high compression heads. As we can see from the photos below this bobber is awesome.

Overall I have to ding this bobber motorcycle as it has no mirrors. I do think it would be fun to ride a bobber with a suicide shifter as I have never done that before. I will rate this bobber a 4 out of 5.

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