1970 Triumph Bonneville Traditional Bobber Motorcycle

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This is a beautiful late 1970 Bonneville motorcycle worked over in a traditional british bobber motorcycle style. Nearly everything has been gone through and rebuilt or replaced. This bobber has been really taken to the next level as ou can see from the paint job. The seat has been converted to a solo seat with a re-covered and stuffed stock seat. Below the picture is a list of recent work, done by a professional Triumph mechanic.

1970 Triumph Bonneville Traditional Bobber Motorcycle

Check out everything that has been done to this Triumph Bonneville bobber motorcycle:

  • New Dunlop tires
  • Powdercoated wheels
  • Beautiful custom paint that’s less than a year old
  • Rebuilt TR6 cylinder head with Rowe valve guides and freshly lapped valves
  • Freshly rebuilt carburetor
  • Rebuild rocker boxes
  • Newer pistons, rings and cylinder hone
  • Boyer electronic ignition
  • Flanders flat-track bars with new grips and controls
  • New clutch plates, steels, clutch basket and primary chain
  • Original KD/Bates headlight
  • Tomaseli headlight mounts
  • New wiring harness
  • Custom cat-eye taillight
  • Custom mount solo seat
  • Rebuilt Smith speedo with custom mount
  • Shorty mufflers w/ removable baffles
  • Various gaskets and seals replaced throughout

1970 Triumph Bonneville Traditional Bobber Motorcycle

The paint job is really nice and clean. I would rate this bobber a 4.6 our of 5. The reason for that is that most bobber motorcycles toss the front fender and cut the rear fender and that has not happened on this Triumph Bonneville and that is what discourages me.


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