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My name is Matt S. & I have ridden motorcycles for a while now. I love anything with two wheels from bicycles to scooters and on up to high performance motorcycles as well. I ride for the wind in my face if my visor is cracked open to let a little air in.  I work in the real work at another job but my side job is as an MSF coach.

Bikes I have ridden you might ask, well I have too many to list. Where I have ridden them – USA, Japan, Mexico, & Australia. I love to ride and I will actually say my favorite bike is my old Zuma scooter that I sold in late ‘09.

I want a bobber really bad but have some debt to pay off first so I can buy one. So if you really want to help click on a link for me and help me out. Till I save up enough cash this is a site that I will use to help me decide where I want to buy everything once I have the money to do so.

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