Ape Hanger Classic Bobber Motorcycle

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This is one wicked bobber motorcycle. I did a post on ape hanger handlebars a bit back and I do not know why people ride with them. I have to think that ape hanger handlebars are hard to ride with. So lets look this bobber over from the front to the back. I like the front fork, sure is a lot of motorcycle chrome going on here though. The peanut tank has a nice grind paint job with the yellow and red stripe. The solo saddle has a nice curve to it and I am betting is very comfortable. I would think that this bobber would be great for around town only, not a long hauler cruising motorcycle. The rear fender matches the tank very well and the part that catches me most is the exhaust cover. Exhaust pipes are great till they burn your skin off. The scars that I have on my right leg are a testament to stupidity and not having the best exhaust pipe setup to protect my leg.

Overall I like this motorcycle, it even has a mirror and a great overall look. I would give this bobber motorcycle a 4.9 out of 5 and that is only because I am not a fan of ape hanger handlebars.

Ape Hanger Classic Bobber Motorcycle

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