Bobber Motorcycle Gas Tank

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I started looking at different bobber motorcycle gas tanks last night and I cam upon a few. I wanted to share with you some things I would recommend when I started looking. When you are looking for the best motorcycle gas tank for your bobber you will want to think about size, convenience and reliability. My rule is that when you are gonna get you gas tank is – bigger is better. The bigger your motorcycle tank is, the less you will need to fill up.

Peanut Fuel Tank for Bobber MotorcycleThere are many choices for a bobber motorcycle gas tank. One of the many kinds of tanks that are available for your bobber motorcycle is the stretched tanks. Stretched tanks resemble exactly what is sounds like. The stretched tank appears to be a bit longer, or stretched out. Now this might be what you are looking for but the classic bobber motorcycle has a peanut tank to it.

1942 Harley Flathead Bobber Motorcycle TankUsually you can find two types of motorcycle gas tanks in two different sizes – narrow or wide. This type of motorcycle gas tank is what is used on a stretched motorcycle. If you’re looking for a newer style you could check out the new streamline tanks for your bike, as they are all made with a new school style. These custom gas tanks are generally narrow as opposed to the bulkier stretched tanks.

BMW Bobber Motorcycle Long Fuel TankOther custom gas tank options include roadster tanks and Sportster tanks, which are the perfect combination of old and new to compliment your bobber motorcycle. Please keep in mind if you are going for the classic then you need the peanut tank and if you are looking for the new school theory of thought then you want the bigger tank. The bigger your bobber motorcycle tank the fewer times you will have to fill up.

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