Brass Ball Bobbers Custom Bobber Motorcycle

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Brass Ball Bobbers are made by Darwin Motorcycles, LLC in Oklahoma City, OK. They make “the above average bike for the average Joe”. You can buy the entire bike or buy the part to make a bike. Now if you want that 50’s look of a bobber you will get if here for 10 times the cost of a 50’s bike, since the rate of inflation would mean a bike that costs $18,000 today would cost $2041 in 1950. Now Darwin Motorcycles LLC makes some wicked hot bikes, I recommend you check them out. They also do their apparel at a decent price.

They have won a bunch of awards and that should speak a ton about them. So if your looking for good stuff I would contact them, till then do what I do and just browse their site for the dreams of the future.

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