Brass Balls Bobber “TATOO BIKE”

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This is the “Showbike” and is in MINT Showroom Condition. This bike is very special as is was Brass Balls Bobbers Original Show Winner at numerous events (Sturgis and Daytona) and has been in a collection ever since. It has a great history, was in featured in Easy Rider, Big Twin TV etc.. many videos of the owner explaining building the motorcycle and its history are on you tube.. just look for Tatoo Bike. It would take me all day to say what you can see in the video if your interested in this bike. The workmanship on this motorcycle is UNREAL, if you can appreciate detail and things like some of the best welding I have ever seen, thought out design and a motorcycle that was built by craftsman not a bunch of parts off the shelf than this is it.. The bike has a lot of trick things such as hidden coils in the primary, drag bars that have internal throttle cable and no wires, rear brake rotor doubles as the sprocket, seat has shock springs that work, etc ..etc..

Brass Balls Bobber "TATOO BIKE"

The finish is worked natural metal with some ghost airbrush and clear coated that looks great with the brass, must be seen in person to appreciate and see the detail that went into this unique finish. It has a Crazy Horse motor which is awesome and makes big power for this lightweight  machine. This is one BAD ASS motorcycle and has won every show it was entered it in. I really like this bobber. The wrapped pipes, the solo seat and the springer front end. I could go on and on but I will just rate is a 4.5 out of 5. I know people will say this won every competition it was entered in but the issue that I have is that in Utah I have to have a front fender and some turn signals.

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