Cachinero Harley-Davidson Custom Bobber Motorcycle

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Some might have seen this bobber in the past. The chrome front and rear fender. I love the springer front fork. I have always thought that a big springer front fork can add a ton a look value to any motorcycle. The short black exhaust pipes with the chrome tips have a great look to the motorcycle. I bet they are super loud and that is something I am starting to like more and more each day.

This bobber was built out of England by Warr’s Motorcycles. If you have ever seen one of their Bobbers you will know the quality right away. This bobber looks like it would be a great ride. I love the fact there is turn signals on both sides and the old school motorcycle brake light that is on the back.

Cachinero Harley Davidson Custom Bobber Motorcycle

Cachinero Harley Davidson Custom Bobber Motorcycle

I do love the Firestone on the tire. It does look like the old school 40’s and 50’s car ties that are still being run by some motorcycle owners. I have never researched the history but I see that it will be something I will research today and have a post up by the end of this week.

What I do not understand is where the headlight is. I do not see one but I do see this super short wind shield. I really dig the paint job, every guys calls his motorcycle a girl and now you have a awesome lady on the side of the tank.

If you know more information about the headlight please let me know. The mirrors and the the simple fact that only the tank and the frame have been painted make me desire this bobber more than most bobber motorcycles.

Overall I would rate this bobber a 4-5 out of 5 just because there is not headlight. So if there were a headlight it would be a perfect 5 out of 5. I think this bobber is simple and clean. I like that the seat is simple black, the copper and brass accents. I really think that if I saw the headlight it would be a perfect bobber motorcycle.

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