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Traditional Springer Bobber Motorcycle

What a great looking bobber motorcycle. This is for tooling around the track, think of it like a souped up pit bike.   This motorcycle is out of Indonesia made by a company called Darizt Design and I think they did a hell of a great job. The front end is super sexy for a bobber motorcycle. I love how fat the tires look. If you check out the way they integrated the rear swing arm and the saddle I have to give them credit. I do not think I would have ever have mounted it like that. The tank has … Continue reading

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Lucky 7 Bobber Motorcycle

This is  snazzy custom bobber from the guys at LUCKY 7 CHOPPERS that has a good look to it. The engine is 96cc’s. It has a 5 Speed Transmission & 3 inch belt drive. Other then that I know nothing about it. I wish I had more details about it but I do not. We can see that this paint job is solid, it looks great and has a hot look that screams the 70’s to me. The detail on the paint job is what takes a motorcycle to the next level to me. Looking at the tank and the engine with … Continue reading

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Red Rim Bobber Motorcycle

This is a really nice motorcycle. Let’s just talk about the look on this post and skip the engine. Yes there is a lot of chrome and all and the naked exhaust pipes are short and do look stunning. It is a rigid frame with a springer front end. The red and black on the pint really sets it off for me. I think that the solo seat in red to cover all of the red paint and styling finishes the design. I do like that this bobber has the chain on the right side. Normally I am not a fan … Continue reading

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X132 Hellcat Bobber Motorcycle

Some might have seen the X132 Hellcat before made by Confederate Motorcycles. If you have not see it nor have ever heard about it let me go over a few of the specs on it. The cost for what you see below is $50,000 bucks, yep that is the cost. It is super fast and has some serious muscle in the 132 cubic inches (2,163 cc); 56° Fuel Injected V-Twin engine. I love the aggressive styling of the gearbox and the naked exhaust. I would be worried that I would burn my leg but that is why we are supposed to … Continue reading

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