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You can contact me at my email. If you want to submit your motorcycle keep reading.

How to submit your motorcycle? Just send me a brief email with details and a couple of low-resolution shots. I get lots of emails a day, too many to guarantee a reply to, but I read everything I receive and will respond if necessary and if I can.

I fully respect media holds and I am happy to ‘hold on publishing’ for a while before publishing post. If you need me to coordinate with your own publicity channels, I am happy to work with you. I will also credit and link to photographers whenever necessary. Just ask for it.

I have a posting schedule and need material a few days before I can run and publish it.


  • Please do not submit to me if you already have the bike published elsewhere.
  • Please do not submit videos. Most users do not like videos, they like classic looking photos.

If you want you can use the form below or use this email link.

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