Going the Extra Mile to Protect a Motorcycle

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A motorcycle is no small investment. These vehicles are versatile, offering both a practical means of transportation as well as an invigorating traveling experience. While there is much to be gained from owning such a vehicle, it is critical to properly care for a motorcycle. Regular maintenance plays a crucial role but protecting a motorcycle with a carport can provide extra coverage as well.

Carport with motorcycle under it

A carport is a unique structure that is designed to provide protection for vehicles and other items. Unlike a garage, these structures are not enclosed but rather offer a canopy to ward off the rain, snow and other elements. These structures can take on many forms, depending on the need. Some may be large enough to house a full-sized car while others may be smaller, catered specifically to a motorcycle or other small vehicle.

These structures will also vary in terms of overall design. Many such canopies are designed to attach to another structure, such as a house or shed. This is often not only desired for the sake of proximity but also for easier construction and increased security. When a canopy is attached to an existing structure, it can lean against an existing wall, reducing overall materials and cost. However, it is also possible to erect such a structure as a freestanding canopy when attachment to an existing home is not possible.

Most canopies are made from an assortment of aluminium and PVC, although wood, glass and other metals can also be used. Usually, a canopy has a flat roof that is installed at a slight angle to promote rain runoff. The canopy will also require supports, which usually come in the form of poles or pillars that are then anchored to the ground. It is possible to construct a canopy that requires no support poles but these options involve more construction and must be more securely fastened to the existing structure.

These structures are fantastic options to protect a motorcycle. By simply keeping a motorcycle away from the elements when not in use, it is possible to minimise exposure to the rain, sun, snow and more. While these elements are inevitable, they can have a negative impact on a motorcycle’s appearance and functionality. Too much exposure can lead to premature rusting and corrosion. This can begin to impede the motorcycle’s ability to function, leading to complications in the engine and other working parts. Even something as trivial as bird droppings can have a profound impact on the motorcycle, corroding the paint job and possibly creating problems in the engine, brakes, gears and more.

More than that, exposure to the elements can weaken the tires and promote overheating. The seat may become uncomfortable and the paint job will be prone to fading and chipping. Protecting a motorcycle with a canopy can easily circumvent most of these problems, preserving the integrity of the vehicle and minimising overall maintenance costs. Therefore, in order to safeguard a motorcycle, investing in a carport is a smart and easy option.

Author Bio – Jack Oldham is a recent journalism graduate blogging on behalf of Canopies UK, specialists in carports, canopies, smoking shelters and many more.

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