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Good motorcycle gear is hard to come by. There are 3 locations to buy gear:

  • Local Motorcycle Dealership
  • Local Motorcycle Apparel Retailer
  • Online

Breaking these down we know that the dealers might give you a deal when you buy a bike but usually not. One shop where I bought a bike asked what it would take to close the deal – I told them a new jacket. They said they would give me a sticker. So I went to another dealership, got a jacket and the bike and bought a ton of stuff from them till they got new owners.

Local motorcycle apparel retailer. There are a few of them around, I will let you find them. They are usually good and if you think of a store, that is what they are like, they have no bikes but tons of gear and usually they have tires. Every large city has a few of them.

Online. Well there are many retailers online. If you have the money and the quality people you can build a business online. The issue I have seen is who has the best website? Who makes it friendly? How are you visually letting me walk through the store when I want to try it on, toss my credit card in your hand and ride off after signing the payment slip. That is the issue with online, you have to wait. Yeah you can do overnight shopping but wow that is expensive. The real issue is whoever can make the online experience just like walking into a store wins online.

In conclusion – Buy from whoever you want, support local if you choose. Buy online if you want and no matter what, wear all your gear.

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