Harley Davidson Bobber Motorcycle

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Check out this sweet Harley Davidson Bobber Motorcycle. The Harley Davidson brand is a classic, it has been around since 1903 and this is the motorcycle brand that vets rode in Europe. When the vets came back they trusted the H-D brand and got rid of the extra crap that they did not need on the motorcycle which turned it into a bobber motorcycle. This H-D bobber motorcycle in the picture below is really cool. I like the standard size matched tires. The flat black frame with the gloss black tank with the silver racing stripe is cool. The air filter cover and the oil tank are cool with the gloss black paint.

I like the black motorcycle tractor seat, those are some beefy springs. The exhaust pipes with the silver wrap is really cool, I do like the two into one pipe. The brake lights are cool, reminds me of an old 50’s Chevy truck. I would rate this bobber motorcycle a 4.5 out of 5 overall.

Harley Davidson Bobber Motorcycle

Harley Davidson Bobber Motorcycle

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