Harley-Davidson Rusty Bobber Motorcycle

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When most of us think rust on metal we think a few expletives and then have to think how to fix it. With rust actually becoming popular in cars, trucks, and motorcycles the look is kinda cool. I saw a old school truck the other day that just had a clear coat over theĀ patina finish that most of us really like, at least I do enjoy it.

I look at this bobber motorcycle and the first few things that catch my eye are the holes drilled all over the place. I then see the springer front end which is the coolest of cool to me on a bobber bike. I have never rode a motorcycle with a suicide shift on it. I think it would be fun to ride one but at the same time I also think the exposed belt drive looks great till it catches your pant leg and rips off your pants.

Harley-Davidson Rusty Bobber Motorcycle

This bobber is one of my favorites as the look is stellar, I do wish I had the exhaust side. This is a European bobber and I did ask for both sides. Oh well, the look is great I rate this bobber a 4 out of 5. I wish there was a mirror on this bike.

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