Harley Davidson Shovelhead Bobber Motorcycle With Unique Exhaust

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So I am gonna call this a bobber but some may disagree and call it a chopper. Bobbers are related to choppers,  they represent a stripped down approach where the motorcycle is stripped of parts or accessories not needed. Bobbers generally keep the characteristics of the stock frame.

The main difference between a bobber motorcycle and chopper is that a bobber is typically built around an unmodified frame. Chopper frames are often cut, chopped, and welded into shape. A Bobber often lacks most of the chopper’s aesthetic characteristics like chromed parts and elongated forks. Bobber motorcycles are fairly easy to create from stock motorcycles and are generally hand built. If we look at the bobber below the thing that caught my eye was the exhaust pipe. I have never seen an gold exhaust pipe like this on any bike before. the bends and the welding and the metal finishing work is really nice. Do any of you have any type of special exhausts on your motorcycle?

Harley Davidson Shovelhead Bobber Motorcycle With Unique Exhaust

Overall I like this bobber, I think there is a very clean bike. I like the gold accents with the silver paint job on the tank. I cannot see the saddle too well and I think that the box right after the tank is for tools but I do not know. I think that the metal strap to hold on the rear fender is a nice touch along with the gold chain on that huge sprocket on that rear tire. So let me know if you have ever run a crazy exhaust on your bobber and send me photos. You can submit your bobber for the 2012 top 10 bobber motorcycle awards as well.

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