Icon Device Textile Motorcycle Jacket Part II

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So I wore this jacket the other morning at 5:45am and it was cold. It was 50F and I was going 75mph so when you do the math it was equivalent of being 38F. That is kinda chilly. So this jacket is great, when it gets colder than 45F on the bike for me it was no fun. I did enjoy it when the riding temp was 45F and up.

Overall this is a great, I like the sport fit. It really is comfortable. I think that it is a great fit. I like the fact that it does have matching motorcycle pants. I did not get to test them but you can zip them together if you have both of them. I rode this morning and it was chilly, the only area where I got cold was at the neck. I think that the pants and jacket together with make it bomb proof on almost any motorcycle.

Check out the motorcycle pants and the motorcycle jacket at Icon.


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