Icon Motorcycle Compound Jacket – Part 2

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I wore the Icon motorcycle compound jacket out to dinner with my wife. I was surprised that it looks good in the city and it very comfortable off of the motorcycle as well as on it. I was happy with the jacket, I only with the collar was a little higher. Now the motorcycle jacket below is not the exact one I tested. I tested the Stealth Compound jacket, the difference is that the stealth is all black. So I did fit in while walking around town in the black stealth motorcycle jacket. My wife really liked it and if she likes it then I am a happy guy.

I think that one of the nice things is when you can wear a motorcycle jacket around town and not look like you have all your gear. I see to many people wearing motorcycle jackets that have never ridden a motorcycle, I always love the answers when I ask what they ride. I think that a stylish motorcycle jacket that you can wear on the bike is an amazing thing, too many jackets are not fun to wear off the bike.

I really like this jacket, it is a shame that I have to send it back, maybe I can convince my wife to buy one for my birthday.

Icon Motorcycle Compound Jacket - Orange

Icon Motorcycle Compound Jacket – Orange

Disclaimer: Icon Motorcycles sent me the compound motorcycle jacket to test. I did not earn anything from it and I was not paid. I think Icon motorcycle gear is top quality and I suggest you check them out.

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