Kawasaki KZ750 Bobber Motorcycle With Wrapped Exhaust

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This Kawasaki KZ750 Bobber Motorcycle really has a old school look. The thing that sets it off for me the most is that the wrapped exhaust is on the drive side of this bobber. Most exhaust on motorcycles is on the opposite side fo the drive side. So there is no safety equipment on this bobber save for the rear brake light. This is very old school, something I would expect to see in the southwest desert ridden to enjoy the ride. No paint just bare metal and the wrapped pipes. Now you will notice there is some black paint on the exhaust pipes as the end.

Kawasaki KZ750 Bobber Motorcycle

Kawasaki KZ750 Bobber Motorcycle

The old school look is cool but I am a fan of wrapped exhaust pipes. I think that they really can add a great look to a motorcycle or a rat rod. There are many companies that can wrap your exhaust but I think after watching a few YouTube videos we can all try to do it ourselves. I think sometimes it is better to do it ourself and see how we do.

Overall I like this bobber. It is missing turn signals, mirrors, and I would like to see a brake light on both sides of the rear tire. So overall I would rate this bobber a 3 out of 5. I like the bare metal. I just care about safety a lot and I want everyone to ride seen.

Check out this video to wrap your own exhaust. If you do wrap your own exhaust pipes please post a comment. If you want to you can submit your bobberfor review as well.

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