Racing Bobber Motorcycle

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I have never really talked about racing bobber motorcycles but they do exist. I am not sure what make or model this is at all and I would love some insight on this bobber motorcycle. The history of bobber motorcycles didn’t really cover racing bobber bikes. At the same time who doesn’t like to race their motorcycle on a track now and again. I think that the motorcycle looks stunning, I think that the gold and blue paint is amazing. The wrapped exhaust pipes are different as usually the two into one is farther back. I have never seen exhaust pipes like this that are merging so far forward. Does anyone know how this affects performance?

Racing Bobber Motorcycle

I am pretty sure this picture was taken on the Bonneville Salt Flats which is about 80 miles from where I live. The Salt Flats are famous for motorcycle speed testing. This Salt Flats is where Burt Munro where he set three speed records, one of which still stands today on a Indian Motorcycle.

Racing Bobber Motorcycle on Salt Flats

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