Remember Not To Let Riding Interfere With your Health

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With the weather warming up across much of the country, it’s time to start thinking about getting the bobber motorcycle back on the road. Nothing beats a long afternoon on the open road, just you and your motorcycle. Some people may enjoy the feeling so much that they would be tempted to spend an entire day on the road.

While this may be a rider’s dream, it can actually be a nightmare for the body. This is particularly true for individuals who plan on spending the better part of the spring and summer months on their motorcycle. Numerous studies have connected long periods of sitting to conditions like deep-vein thrombosis and heart disease.

The fact is riding a motorcycle is basically a sedentary activity. While it certainly isn’t as bad for the body as sitting around and watching TV, it does little to help a person burn fat or exercise their muscles. Consequently, many individuals who spend a lot of time on the road instead of engaging in more physical activities may experience chronic health problems.

So what’s a rider to do? The best thing may be to take some breaks when you know you’re going to be on the road for the better part of a day. This gets the blood flowing again in the legs and arms. Just pull off to someplace where there is lawn and green space. Any park will work.

However, choose your rest stops wisely. They should not be an excuse to get of your bike to pick up a burger from a fast food restaurant. The key is to use these breaks to burn off some extra calories – not to take more in.

For riders who are planning to be on the road for an extended period of time, simply taking a few breaks may not be sufficient. These riders should think about planning specific exercise routines. There are plenty of workouts that require no equipment and can be completed at any highway rest stop.

For example, some simple jumping jacks and pushups can get the heart rate up and help you burn off those excess calories. Furthermore, these exercises will get the blood flowing to the extremities again. And don’t forget that few exercises are as good for building pecs and triceps as pushups.

More progressive-minded riders may even want to consider trying yoga while they are on the road. Obviously this isn’t the right kind of exercise for everyone. A yoga mat isn’t exactly standard equipment in the saddle bags of most riders. However, it is a quick, simple exercise that can be accomplished just about anywhere with minimal gear.

Either way, it is important to think about your physical health when you are getting the bike out this spring and winter. Obviously you want to spend as much time riding as you can, but this shouldn’t cause you to start living a more sedentary. However you decide to do it, just remember the importance of getting off the bike every now and then to stretch your legs and get the blood flowing.

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