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So I have been away from here teaching motorcycle classes, enjoying the road, playing with my kid and having fun. Back to posting. A short little story though. My wife and I were out riding in Yellowstone National Park last month, enjoying the beautiful place that it is. We were going around a left hand corner and my wife entered the turn a little fast. She started to target fixate on a tree, she went off the road and jumped from the V-Star 650 Classic and she got a little road rash but was able to walk away. I was glad she was okay. You can look through the gallery below to see the photos.

Grand Teton National Park - Matt Storms

Overall my wife learned that a full face helmet and proper gear will save her life. When you look at the damage her Icon Bombshell motorcycle boots took I am glad she did not break her leg.



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Matt Storms is an avid motorcyclist, he has ridden all over the world and has had a great time doing it. This site is a hobby of his and he is working hard to grow it. Leave a comment, good or bad to let him know how it is going. Matt also teaches MSF and he wants people to be safe, please wear a full face helmet to protect yourself and your family.
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