Sick Looking Bobber Motorcycle

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Harley Davidson Evo Bobber Motorcycle

Here we have an amazing looking bobber motorcycle. I called and talked to the guy for the full specs

  • 80-cubic-inch Big Twin is usually referred to as the “Evo”
  • Springer bobber front end
  • Suicide shift
  • Open beltdrive
  • Nash grips
  • Custom bag
  • Extra fuel sling
I really like the flat black paint pint job with the red pinstriping. 

Bobber MotorcycleOpen Belt Drives scare the crap out of me, I am always freaked out that my pants will get ripped off my fat butt. Anyone else have this fear? Anyone have this happen?

Bobber Motorcycle Drive Side

I do dig the extra fuel bottle next to this saddle bag. Usually I do not dig saddle bags on one side only. This one actually fits for some odd reason. Does anyone else just run one bag?Bobber Motorcycle Right side rear tire

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