Suzuki GN125 Bobber Motorcycle

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Sometimes I would own a bobber just to park inside my house as art and say screw anything else this thing is awesome. So this bobber for me is not safe to ride but hot diggity it would be awesome in my house. This is a Suzuki and even though Suzuki started off making looms for clothing they have come a long way since then. They make cars, ATV’s, motorcycles, and a ton of other stuff. This is one great company and they also made the GN125.

The Suzuki GN125 engine’s taken from the earlier GS125 machine which came out in 1984, so it’s safe to say it has proved itself over time. A reliable single cylinder that has enough power for city commuting, although it does have a hard time on long stretches as it runs out of top end speed on the open road and on hills can present a problem if if you need to get to where you are going fast. This is a slow mover, it is built for looks. The Suzuki GN125 can be stroppy when starting from cold. Needs plenty of revs as most carburetor bikes need in the cold.

Suzuki GN125 Bobber Motorcycle

So let’s look this bobber over from front to back. This bobber was built in Japan and come from a long line of Japanese bobber motorcycles. It has a one-off stainless steel funnel Air Cleaner. This bobber also has if you notice a custom motorcycle frame and a wild looking polished aluminum sprung tractor seat.

I wish I could give more details but the language barrier is kinda big. I used to live in japan while I was in the Navy but sadly I have forgotten most of the language so I cannot get much more in the details on this Suzuki bobber motorcycle.

Suzuki GN125 Bobber Motorcycle

Overall I would rate this bobber a 2 out of 5 just on safety alone. I would put this in my house as a piece of art.

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