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Transverse V-Twin Honda CX500

Honda Manufactured the CX-500 from 1978–1983. The engine ranged from a 500–673 cc water-cooled longitudinal OHV 80° V-twin, 4 valves per cylinder which had an output power 50-77 hp (97 hp turbo). Now as we look at this sexy bike I like it. Sadly is this the only view of this bobber that was sent to me. We can see that this bike looks great and we would all ride it. I see the rear brake light, and front and rear turn signals. I don’t see a mirror or a license plate but that it is other than the headlight for safety that … Continue reading

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Honda CX500 Bobber Motorcycle

This is a pretty sweet little bobber motorcycle. You could also take this bike out for a perfect sunday ride. Where I live in Utah I can be at the canyons in 20 minutes and let’s get real that is we ride. The canyons are awesome, I do not know anyone that likes to ride long flat straight sections of highway. Motorcyclists like to take the turns and enjoy leaning a motorcycle over and rolling on the throttle. The Honda CX500 bobber motorcycle is a great bike. I really like this little bobber. As we can all see it has … Continue reading

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