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1998 EVO S&S Bobber Motorcycle

This is a sleek bobber that will turn a few heads I am sure. I this is bobber bike has a lot of value to it for anyone that rides it. I see this bike as a good weekender bobber that you can take a trip to get away on. I am really in love with this bobber. Check out the photos below as we have a bunch of them for you to look over. I think the LED head light and the recessed lights on the frame add a really nice touch. Love to see this bike at night … Continue reading

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Custom 88 cubic inch Rev Tech EVO Bobber Motorcycle

Is this a sweet bobber motorcycle or what? There are so many features I do not even know where to start. I really dig the handle bar grips, check out the photos below so you can see how cool they are. I really like the front tired with the white wall stripe on it. I think that the beautiful red motorcycle frame powder coating along with the matching paint on the rims has set this motorcycle down the right road. The powerful 88 cubic inch Rev Tech EVO motor with the Martin Brothers Exhaust with ceramic coating make this bobber sound powerful as … Continue reading

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Sick Looking Bobber Motorcycle

Harley Davidson Evo Bobber Motorcycle Here we have an amazing looking bobber motorcycle. I called and talked to the guy for the full specs 80-cubic-inch Big Twin is usually referred to as the “Evo” Springer bobber front end Suicide shift Open beltdrive Nash grips Custom bag Extra fuel sling I really like the flat black paint pint job with the red pinstriping.  Open Belt Drives scare the crap out of me, I am always freaked out that my pants will get ripped off my fat butt. Anyone else have this fear? Anyone have this happen? I do dig the extra fuel … Continue reading

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