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European Bobber Motorcycles

So since we just talked about Japanese bobber motorcycles, lets talk about European bobber motorcycles. I used to own a Ducati 620 Monster and I loved it but this site is about Bobber Motorcycles and what a Bobber Motorcycle is. So lets talk about amazing bobbers and their history.   Peugeot Bobber Motorcycles BMW Bobber Motorcycles Aprilia Bobber Motorcycles Ducati Bobber Motorcycles Moto Guzzi Bobber Motorcycles Husqvarna Bobber Motorcycles (owned by BMW but all production remains in Italy) Benelli Bobber Motorcycles Norton Bobber Motorcycles Triumph Bobber Motorcycles Peugeot Bobber Motorcycles In 1939 Peugeot made the P53 100cc with 3-speed hand-change gearbox. To entice the French people to buy motorcycles in the thirties, the French government … Continue reading

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