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Traditional Springer Bobber Motorcycle

What a great looking bobber motorcycle. This is for tooling around the track, think of it like a souped up pit bike.   This motorcycle is out of¬†Indonesia made by a company called Darizt Design and I think they did a hell of a great job. The front end is super sexy for a bobber motorcycle. I love how fat the tires look. If you check out the way they integrated the rear swing arm and the saddle I have to give them credit. I do not think I would have ever have mounted it like that. The tank has … Continue reading

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Would you ride this Bobber Motorcycle?

I caught this gem of a bobber motorcycle this morning and I fell in love. I think that the belt drive and left rat-tail wrapped motorcycle exhaust. The rims set this bike off, I really dig the springer front end and I do think that this would be a great bike to ride. Let me know your thoughts, would you ride this and why? Matt Storms

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