Whiskey Tango Yamaha Copper Bobber Motorcycle

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I first saw this bobber and I had to ask myself “what the…..”. That is one heck of a wild bobber. I have never seen the copper look and the exhaust wrapped and turned down on the front. I have never seen anything like this ever before and I have a feeling I never will again. I really dig the knobby tires, the copper looking rims. I have heard that some places can powder coat the look of copper.

Whiskey Tango Yamaha Bobber Motorcycle

Whiskey Tango Yamaha Bobber Motorcycle

This tank has a special look with the distressed look to it that makes the bike seem like it was through a war or two. I do have something in my heart for kickstart motorcycles that they just seem special.

I think that most cars the paint job is what sets the car off, on a motorcycle it is the little details of the engine and the details that count.

Overall I like this motorcycle, I do think that it would be a ton of fun. I rate it a 4 out of 5. I really enjoy the look of this motorcycle and I think that there is something is cool. I really enjoy the exhaust the most. I think that there is a value in the look of the exhaust and I am betting it is loud as snot.

The thing I think is kinda funny is the oil can is either painted to look like or actually is an oil can. I am betting it is painted with the Mobile Pegasus logo. The Pegasus logo was part of the Magnolia Petroleum Company in the 1930s. So this bobber has a old school look and that to me is one of the coolest parts. I really appreciate the value of iconic art on a motorcycle or even on a car that few know about as the few that know about it appreciate it more over time.

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