Yamaha Drag Star 400 Bobber Motorcycle

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This Yamaha bobber motorcycle was made by Dash Customs in Japan. The bobber craze is really strong in Japan. When I lived there from 2000-2003 I saw bobbers almost daily. Too bad that was my sport bike days. When I lived in Japan I had a 250cc Ninja, now I wish I would have got a bobber back then. I digress. As we look at this Drag Star bobber below we can see the springer front end. The classic old headlight and we can see how the turn signals are mounted low on the frame. The gloss black, chrome pipes, light amount of brown leather on the saddle and the handlebar grips is amazing. Nice rear view mirror, both sets of turn signals, prominent rear tail light and a great overall look with this bobber.

Yamaha Drag Star 400 Bobber Motorcycle

Yamaha Drag Star 400 Bobber Motorcycle

The only thing I cannot tell is where the speedometer is. I think it is on the left side but that might also be the oil pressure gauge. Some of the older bobbers do have a pressure gauge. I have always thought that a shaft drive bobber is nice cause there is no chain to worry about. Overall I really like this bobber, I think that is does have that classic old look having the front fender ripped off and such. In Japan you can never really go that fast no matter what you want to do, so having gauges there is not that big of a issue to me.

I would rate this bobber a 4.9 out of 5.

74 Springer color kit / 0 ° ~ 10 ° Spring
Black color headlight / 4.5 with  pipe stays
Tank / Mustang
Brown color leather saddle seat kit
Rear fender / flat-state
Muffler / shotgun
Air Cleaner / SU
Meter mini kit / indicator stays with pipe
Winker mirror Tail
Monochromatic color ring

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