Yamaha XS650 Custom Black Bobber Motorcycle

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I love Yamaha motorcycles, I love the sport bikes, and cruisers. I want a TW200 in a few years as I live really close to a ton of OHV trails in Salt Lake City and I want to ride them really bad. One of the easiest brands of Japanese motorcycles to convert to a bobber motorcycles.

Yamaha XS650 Custom Black Bobber Motorcycle

I really dig the no front fender, wrapped black motorcycle exhaust. I really like the handlebars and the owner kept a bit of chrome. The motorcycle chrome needs to be on a motorcycle but I think sometimes there is too much. I am not a fan of too much chrome on a motorcycle. I really dig the single rear view mirror on the left side of the handlebar. Overall I would give this motorcycle a 6 out of 10.

Yamaha XS650 Custom Black Bobber Motorcycle

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