Ape Hanger Motorcycle Handlebars

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Okay, ape hanger motorcycle handlebars vary in size. Some are small and get the job done, others well I think the photos speak for themselves below. Ape hanger handlebars rise far above the mounting location on the tree so the motorcyclist must reach up to use them. They are very popular on chopper motorcycles but some bobbers and Harley-Davidson motorcycles have them. The Victory High-Ball motorcycle comes with ape hangers as stock. Most ape hanger handlebars are available in heights up to 20 inches. Some jurisdictions have regulations on how high the handgrip may be above the seat. There are those that do go higher then 20″ and in Utah the rule of law is shoulder height or lower here. All states differ and some have no rules and others you will need to break out the measuring tape and the ruler.

I think that ape hangers look cool but I some of them make the bike harder to maneuver in the city. On the highway I have ridden a few bikes with ape hangers and motorcycle equipped with ape hangers are great on the freeway at 80 mph. I can see the allure with riding with them, they look cool and make the rider look like all they do is ride. Sadly there are a lot of people out there who just have a motorcycle shirt and that is all they have.

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