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So today I was think about what sets off a bobber motorcycle the most – the paint job. There are many painters and powder coating companiesĀ in our current economy that need work, so many have cut their rates. This means that painting a motorcycle just got cheaper.

Below I have listed 4 bobber motorcycles that I want to talk about.

This bobber motorcycle has a very cool looking motorcycle fuel tank. It almost looks like a coffin but has some very thick pin-striping and I think that this bobber paint job is nice.

Von Dutch Old School Knuckle Bobber Motorcycle Paint JobWhoever painted this bobber peanut motorcycle tank flat black did a good job. I like the Triumph motorcycle logo on the tank and this is a classic Triumph motorcycle. The wheels have a great powder coating job done. The frame likes like a gloss black. I think the inside of the bobber custom pipes has a unique look that I wish I knew how it was made. Overall I would ride this bobber motorcycle.

Triumph Bobber Motorcycle Flat Paint JobNot sure who made this bobber motorcycle but when you look at it I think it has a great painted front fender, tank, and rear motorcycle fender. The black and the gold on the old retro bobber motorcycle engine sets it off.

Bobber Motorcycle Paint JobThis Yamaha bobber motorcycle has a great look. The only paint that is custom looks to be on the peanut tank and the rear fender. It looks like a bit of gold pin-striping on this tank. Overall this Yamaha Bobber has a great look, I wish they would have done something with the wheels rims.

Classic Bobber Motorcycle Paint Scheme

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