Darkside Motorcycle Tires

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**Disclaimer** I do not condone the usage of car tires on motorcycles. I have never run one, I have seen many do it, I have a hard time trusting a car tire on lean angles. I know that on some of the old school bobber motorcycles ran car tires.

Darkside Motorcycle Tires

Do your own research on running car tires on motorcycles. You’ll find that almost everyone that has gone to the “Darkside” is happy with the results and is safely continuing to do so. On the other hand, almost everyone that tells you it’s dangerous and foolish has never tried it.

Again, do your own research and come to your own conclusion about what you want to do. I’m sure a car tire works fine. Until it doesn’t.

Since they last longer than a bike tire, I can’t help thinking if they were a good idea, the bike would come equipped with one, but what do I know? Below is a YouTube video I did not make, this points out some of the pluses of running a car tire. There are no videos that I coud find that were against running a car tire. I do not know if I would run a car tire on my Yamaha V Star 1300 but on a trashy around town bike I might.

If you run a darkside motorcycle tire on your bobber motorcycle let me know.

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