Military Bobber Motorcycle

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So today I was looking at what I want for my dream Bobber motorcycle and I happened to jump on a search for military motorcycles. I saw this amazing military bobber motorcycle and it made me think since I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy that I should go with a military bobber motorcycle. I could give the bobber the 1940’s look to it with rivets and do some cool rope work on it like sailors used to do. Let me now what you would do, would you go with a Naval¬†themed bobber motorcycle or something else?

Military themed motorcycle bobber

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Matt Storms is an avid motorcyclist, he has ridden all over the world and has had a great time doing it. This site is a hobby of his and he is working hard to grow it. Leave a comment, good or bad to let him know how it is going. Matt also teaches MSF and he wants people to be safe, please wear a full face helmet to protect yourself and your family.
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