Bobber Motorcycle Handlebars

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There are a bunch of types of motorcycle handlebars out there with different types reach angles. Some bobber motorcycles have flat bars and others have ape hanger bobber motorcycle handlebars. I have a few examples of Bobber Motorcycle Handlebars that we can talk about.

Ape Hanger Handlebars

This motorcycle is a classic old school bobber that has the ape hanger handlebars. This can affect the turning and handling of the motorcycle.

Classic Bobber Motorcycle with Apr Hanger HandlebarsThis bobber motorcycle has the old school 50’s look to it but I will never ride with a suicide shifter on my bobber motorcycle. These handlebars are really cool, they have an old school look to them.

Classic Bobber Motorcycle with Flat Handlebars and Suicide Shifter

These handlebars are just like the bars above but this paint job is so sweet I had to post it here. This motorcycle has a great overall look and I love the wrapped rat tail pipe.

Classic Bobber Motorcycle with Flat Handlebars and Suicide Shifter and rat tail wrapped exhaust

This bobber has a flat, bar but it is almost like a APE hanger bar. It is a very cool motorcycle handlebar, I wonder how it would handle.

Black Bobber Motorcycle with raised flat handlebar

This looks like an old Harley Davidson with a modified ape hanger handlebars. I love the Band-Aid on the fuel tank.

NYC Chopper Bobber with a short Ape Hanger Motorcycle Handlebar

This bobber motorcycle has the look of the old school bobber, the handlebars, wheels, tires, handlebars, seat, and awesome kickstart. The only thing I worry about is how the lean angle would affect my posture.

Old School Bobber Motorcycle with flat swept back bobber handlebars in the Southwest US Desert

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